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e-lessons learned blog

I came across a blog from twitters which I find rather interesting. Nowadays, there’re so many blogs on ediscovery and most of them seem to repeat or rehash what have been blogged or reported elsewhere. The e-lessons learned blog is refreshing and worth keeping an eye on.The current posts examined the Zubulake cases from different [...]

Todd v Guidance Software – Arbitrator ordered backup data to be produced

In arbitration, inaccessible data is data to be discovered and produced as shown in the Cassondra Todd v Guidance Software case. There’re several reports on this case which you can search via google. This report (also tweeted) gives a best guess of the timeline of the events, which I find handy to scan, read and [...]

fear of the ediscovery costs…

I am catching up on my e-mail alerts and came across an article in the Economist dated 28th August 2008 (that’s when I was away from my computer in sunny Hawaii!). The article titled ‘The Big Data Dump’. Great title for an article that touches on pretty much the reality of life from technology, business [...]

Viacom v. YouTube – ESI re-definition ?

A mix bag of copyrights, privacy, databases, ediscovery and the judge being accused of “lack of tech cluefulness,” read on…Viacom v youTube

a dedicated video folder for electronic discovery – FindLaw

For anyone interested in viewing videos, check out this at Findlaw. Do view the ‘Other Legal Technology Videos’ and  see if you can catch the common themes in these videos and the electronic discovery videos.  

US and UK/EU Legal & Compliance “Hot Topics”

It doesn’t look like ediscovery is under the “Hot Topics”. Maybe ‘ediscovery’ is too hot to handle. The topics listed under the programme, such as recording, securing and accessing client communications are mostly to do with Know Your Customer (KYC). It would be interesting to hear the recent lessons from the compliance officers and also [...]

Ediscovery Capability Maturity Model for Organisation?

There is an assumption in current ediscovery/disclosure processing models and solutions (offered by vendors/providers) that ‘Form follows Function’. If you’re tired of reading articles, here’s a webcast on ‘The e-discovery tool landscape’ . If you’re too busy to listen to the webcast, here’s a summary from the bitpipe.com site: Summary: Due to the broad nature [...]

Investigations Conference in Las Vegas Resort

If anyone knows of a similar event (marked in the Calendar here) in the UK as the CEIC in US ,please leave a comment here. The CEIC Conference looks interesting as it covers ‘all manner of investigations including’ : * Computer forensics and cybercrime * Electronic discovery (eDiscovery) * Internal investigations * Records retention, data [...]

Electronic Discovery In Arbitration: Privilege Issues and Spoliation of Evidence

Warshauer, Irene C “Electronic Discovery In Arbitration: Privilege Issues and Spoliation of Evidence“. Dispute Resolution Journal. Nov 2006-Jan 2007. FindArticles.com. 09 Nov. 2007.

Last Year news – still a struggle

One year after FRCP, struggles continue with e-discovery By Beth Pariseau, News Writer 19 Dec 2007 | SearchStorage.com article