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e-discovery process in SoLoMo

The new order of data -  SoLoMo for social, local, mobile data. Now this is what I call  ‘ediscovery rhyme’ ! Does this mean that Cloud Computing is now passé? To quote Paknad in the news at law.com: “There’s no easy button, there’s just complex and more complex buttons.” Complex buttons leading to more sore [...]

e-book on e-discovery

Found an e-book style presentation on e-discovery. Just the same old content i.e. the US stuff on the FRCP, e-mails, retention policy, technological tools for search and guides etc. Flip through the nice charts and the articles and go straight to pages 20-21. Spot anything interesting? BTW you can also download a pdf version, how [...]

Aloha,Mahalo & Eee – multilanguage & Big Blue

Aloha from Waikiki ! This blog is written and posted from my new Eee (pink cover) Linux based laptop ( more of a palm than a lap to be more precise). Beautiful, cool and great machine to carry and use. No fiddling with ‘windows’ and the Eee runs like a breeze…Will I opt for the [...]