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My first publication

In the past, I’ve written lots of system/software documentation/specification and project plans etc. but today I really feel a different sense of achievement. My article “Electronic Discovery/Disclosure: From Litigation to International Commercial Arbitration” appeared in The International Journal of Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Management, V 74, N 4, Nov 2008 (The Arbitration Journal by the [...]

Investigations Conference in Las Vegas Resort

If anyone knows of a similar event (marked in the Calendar here) in the UK as the CEIC in US ,please leave a comment here. The CEIC Conference looks interesting as it covers ‘all manner of investigations including’ : * Computer forensics and cybercrime * Electronic discovery (eDiscovery) * Internal investigations * Records retention, data [...]

a critically important and evolving field in international arbitration

Electronic Evidence and Disclosure in International Arbitration New York City 31 January 2008. The jurisconferences seminar ‘recognizes the harsh reality of the problems presented by the creation and maintenance of electronic data in international business transactions and provides a forum for discussion by the leading experts in the electronic data field of how best to [...]


…electronic discovery is already happening also– to a limited extent–in international arbitration and neither the IBA Rules nor US litigation principles are enough. According to a featured international article‘, ‘ELECTRONIC DISCOVERY IN INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION: WHERE NEITHER THE IBA RULES NOR U.S. LITIGATION PRINCIPLES ARE ENOUGH ‘by Jonathan L. Frank, Julie Bédard, Dispute Resolution Journal, November, [...]