Feb 252018

I am now extending my user evaluation (January-February schedule) to March as January was a quiet month. It has been difficult to get practitioners in industry to commit their time to participate in my user evaluations study. Personal data incidents are still regarded ‘scary’ stuff to disclose or to talk about openly or even privately with a researcher.

Even after I reassure folks that my research does not require disclosing any personal or commercially sensitive information, folks (esp. senior managers) still won’t allow their employees (those that have the relevant knowledge/experience) to share and participate in my research.This is a pity as they will certainly learn something in sharing and participating in my user evaluation. According to this news, the #FCA is to require UK banks to make details of cyber security #incidents public from August 2018. Under the GDPR, organisations processing personal data of EU residents/citizens will need to report certain breaches to the ICO and also to affected individuals. My prototype dashboard will help organisations to conduct an initial personal data harm assessment.

So far, practitioners who took my user evaluation study involving a questionnaire and the prototype dashboard have expressed positive remarks and provided suggestions for further improvement or commercialisation of the prototype concepts.

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Jan 052018

I’m hopeless at making New Year Resolutions (& don’t believe in making them), so will just remind myself by posting this blog with this message:

I will finish my PhD by the end of October 2018

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Jul 272017

One nicety of being a research student is learning interesting stuff, stuff that other researchers have done, in particular in data visualisation (one of my many interests!).

Most recently I attended two seminars at City, both interesting in many ways. Their websites:

Microsoft researchers on data driven storytelling

Fanny CHEVALIER – Research Scientist at Inria

If I have spare time, I’ll blog about my own challenges (& less notable achievement but still an achievement in my own terms!) with data visualisation tools. Finding and getting a grip with ONE storytelling tool to do a nice, neat & brain-cracking (or mind-blowing) visualisation of what I THINK my intended users want to see from my research output is beyond my research domains.

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May 172017

Slowly re-bouncing back to my PhD research after over a month of break to sort out my personal drama – still unresolved.

A piece of great news in April!

On April 25th 2017, I attended a #WMERSM (WhiteHall Enterprise Risk & Security Conference http://www.whitehallmedia.co.uk/esrm/seminars/) Conference and was chuffed to see my Transfer Report outcomes referenced by Ms. Sue Milton in her talk.
Links to the tweets:
Great talk @Sueanywhere #wmersm citing my triage response #databreach consequences

#wmersm great topic @Sueanywhere thanks for citing my #PhD #CityUniversity

Many thanks to Ms Sue Milton & the event organisers to allow me to attend as Ms Sue Milton’s guest.

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