Jan 052018

I’m hopeless at making New Year Resolutions (& don’t believe in making them), so will just remind myself by posting this blog with this message:

I will finish my PhD by the end of October 2018

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Jul 272017

One nicety of being a research student is learning interesting stuff, stuff that other researchers have done, in particular in data visualisation (one of my many interests!).

Most recently I attended two seminars at City, both interesting in many ways. Their websites:

Microsoft researchers on data driven storytelling

Fanny CHEVALIER – Research Scientist at Inria

If I have spare time, I’ll blog about my own challenges (& less notable achievement but still an achievement in my own terms!) with data visualisation tools. Finding and getting a grip with ONE storytelling tool to do a nice, neat & brain-cracking (or mind-blowing) visualisation of what I THINK my intended users want to see from my research output is beyond my research domains.

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May 172017

Slowly re-bouncing back to my PhD research after over a month of break to sort out my personal drama – still unresolved.

A piece of great news in April!

On April 25th 2017, I attended a #WMERSM (WhiteHall Enterprise Risk & Security Conference http://www.whitehallmedia.co.uk/esrm/seminars/) Conference and was chuffed to see my Transfer Report outcomes referenced by Ms. Sue Milton in her talk.
Links to the tweets:
Great talk @Sueanywhere #wmersm citing my triage response #databreach consequences

#wmersm great topic @Sueanywhere thanks for citing my #PhD #CityUniversity

Many thanks to Ms Sue Milton & the event organisers to allow me to attend as Ms Sue Milton’s guest.

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