Apr 282019

Many thanks to my internal examiner, Dr Lyn Robinson for the list of amendments – dated 27th April 2019.
I will get all the amendments done ASAP.

As posted under ‘Moving on…’, I will be moving on to other adventures. The exact forms/shapes or directions of my next adventures are not fully mapped out. Talking about mapping, Tony Buzan (R.I.P) – inventor of mind mapping (my favourite tool!)- was in the news at Linkedln.

After I have officially finished with my PhD i.e. final Thesis submitted and graduation ceremony pictures taken :-) , this research site will remain online but inactive.

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Apr 262019

This website was set up when I started my PhD journey in October 2013, primarily to document some of my research activities and to share stuff with my supervisors.

I’m waiting for the list of minor amendments (following the viva on 15th April 2019), and hopefully, I don’t have to wait for too long. Just want to move on to my next adventure, what adventure?!

I’ve got a long ToDo lists including reading books which I thought would be good for my research studies but just didn’t have the time then. Also, I am now looking for work that will enable me to use my research skills and my interests in privacy-related topics.

My triage playbook has commercial values and I’ll be looking at ways to use my research outputs for practical commercial use. I will apply for funding or research funding programmes or research funded posts. So, a new adventure ahead!

Just this week I attended a workshop organised by City on ‘Effective writing for research grant application – with Prof Derrington’. Personally, I think there are also valuable lessons from non-academic driven grant/funding approaches such as crowdfunding.

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Apr 152019

Such a great relief to finally got to the end of my PhD journey. 15th April 2019 a day to remember!

Many heartfelt thanks to Dr Lyn Robinson for her kind words and great role as my internal examiner. Also, many thanks to Prof Hamid Jahankhani for coming to City, University of London to be my external examiner. I certainly have learnt a lot from all the questions raised at the Viva.

I couldn’t have reached this final chapter in my PhD journey without the loyal and wonderful support from my supervisors, Prof Steph Wilson, Dr llir Gashir & Dr David Haynes. Many thanks!

Also, many thanks to Savita & Tillman (Chair) for making today a smooth day for us all.

Tweets and photos posted today by @lynrobinson & @stephwilsoncity. Many thanks!

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Mar 182019

My viva voce is now set for 15th April 2019. Many thanks to Dr Ilir Gashir for getting the panel sorted.

I already had a mock viva on the 8th March 2019, which I wasn’t well prepared for. Got other personal stuff to sort out which took too much of my time.

This week onwards I will refocus on my Thesis and start preparing for my viva! I will also need to do a 15 mins presentation. So…get cracking Cher!

Decided to map out my PhD journey – an odyssey!

Attached a large mindmap in pdf -

Cher’s PhD odyssey including major personal dramas

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Feb 252019

Finally…my thesis completed and submitted (20th February 2019) and it should soon be with the examiners.
Phew! Many thanks to my supervisors Prof Steph Wison and Dr Ilir Gashi, and also Dr David Haynes for their valuable support and help.
Also, Ms Savita Afonso for her speedy response and getting my thesis to the examiners.
Next stage the viva…

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Aug 192018

Chilling & listening (& looping on YouTube) to Songbird by Eva Cassidy. Took a week away from PhD writing and was in south-western France most of last week on some sort of a ‘working holiday’. To my daughter – who is getting married next September – and also her sisters ‘To you, I would give the world…(Songbird).

Went to Goldsmiths library yesterday (Saturday) morning and somehow someone took my new (yes new!) MacBook Pro charger/power adaptor (& cable + plug)! That’s the bad news. The good news is that he/she didn’t take the laptop?! So, another day of no PhD writing as I had to go to an Apple Store to get a new charger. No wonder Apple has a record trillion $ under its brand. The charger is made in China. I’m adding a hefty (from a poor student) £88 (for plastics!) to Apple’s trillion. Listen up Apple!

Will need to kick-start my PhD writing.

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Jul 112018

I presented my PhD topic at City’s PhD Symposium on 10th July 2018.
I need to change my ‘bad’ habits of last minute preparation (& no rehearsal!) especially as I do tend to produce far too many slides. I know I have to just ‘show less’ and ‘talk less’ but with impact. I did an awful job of presenting my PhD topic within 10 mins!
I also exported (pdf for presentation) an incorrect version of my pptx! I did the export just mins before I was due to present. A bad start!

Also, had problems with my MacBook Pro over the past few days. I have to switched-off or put into sleep-mode as my Mac is getting ‘overheated’ far too frequently.

A photo taken by my PhD colleague

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