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Data Tidings in blog-chats

Data is not just data anymore, its Big Data Out goes tera/petrabytes instead use ‘Big’ Big also heralds in Hadoop (& Hive & Pig etc) These ‘animals’ and their Open Source playgrounds will change EDD (Electronic Discovery & Disclosure) software/services.(for the better!) Will there be a Magic Quadrant EDD tackling Big +Cloud+ Open Source? There [...]

fear of the ediscovery costs…

I am catching up on my e-mail alerts and came across an article in the Economist dated 28th August 2008 (that’s when I was away from my computer in sunny Hawaii!). The article titled ‘The Big Data Dump’. Great title for an article that touches on pretty much the reality of life from technology, business [...]

e-book on e-discovery

Found an e-book style presentation on e-discovery. Just the same old content i.e. the US stuff on the FRCP, e-mails, retention policy, technological tools for search and guides etc. Flip through the nice charts and the articles and go straight to pages 20-21. Spot anything interesting? BTW you can also download a pdf version, how [...]

E-mail Archiving – Myths according to a Solution Provider and Making Sense in Plain English of the FRCP

For those using Exchange, Outlook and Active Directory, you may be interested to read the white paper, Email Archiving: Common Myths and Misconceptions by MessageOne, Inc. If you’re curious on how a Solution Provider ‘makes sense in plain English of the FRCP, scan the posted white paper. I cannot comment on the MessageOne solution as [...]

Just for the record – 2nd article on the IBA Rules

The other article (which was referenced in my dissertation) was posted here under the title: WHERE NEITHER THE IBA RULES NOR U.S. LITIGATION PRINCIPLES ARE ENOUGH Just recently my friend, Martin (another ex-student of QM) pointed out another article in the International Journal of Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Management, Vol 74, Number 1, February 2008 [...]

summarised amendments of FRCP -pre December 2006

A Foley & Lardner LLP Information Bulletin pre Dec 2006 – summarised amendments of FRCP

From K & L Gates electronic discovery law blog

E-Discovery Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Go Into Effect Today; concise article posted at electronic discovery law blog

researching computer-based disclosure and discovery in civil litigation

Mr Ken Withers website. For very informative articles & links on ediscovery (primarily US) & some great pics taken in Kenya.