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Discovery of ESI (DESI) – Research Initiatives

Back in summer 2007 the International Association for Artificial Intelligence and Law, ICAIL (in CA, USA) hosted a workshop on Supporting Search and Sensemaking for Electronically Stored Information in Discovery Proceedings (DESI Workshop). The second DESI Workshop will be hosted by UCL, London this June. According to the UCL website, the second DESI Workshop coordinates [...]

1st International Conference on Digital Evidence – June, London

In ploughing through my backlog of e-mails, I came across what I think may be an event worth attending. The website stated ‘The aim of the Conference is to alert judges, lawyers…’. No mention of private judges/arbitrators. Get a book if register by 1st May!

Investigations Conference in Las Vegas Resort

If anyone knows of a similar event (marked in the Calendar here) in the UK as the CEIC in US ,please leave a comment here. The CEIC Conference looks interesting as it covers ‘all manner of investigations including’ : * Computer forensics and cybercrime * Electronic discovery (eDiscovery) * Internal investigations * Records retention, data [...]

a taster or a gem?

‘Preservation and retention’ policies and ‘searching methods (metadata stuff)’ are discussed/mentioned in most ediscovery/disclosure articles/reports. Less talk about are the issues on ‘recovery of data’ or the challenges associated with the ‘indexing of data’  or ‘classification of data’ (for the metadata to make sense). Just some issues when dealing with data and information. Some people [...]

where disclosure of document is not a breach of confidentiality

My lawyer friend, John (thanks!) e-mailed me a piece of news posted at site Not related to electronic disclosure (from the news report) but still worth noting. Confidentiality in arbitration not to be taken for granted. According to the Court of Appeal, ‘any future disputes on the disclosure of documents should be resolved by [...]

What is information? – one of five deep scientific questions

The term ‘electronically stored information’ (ESI, as coined by the Sedona Conference) seems pretty harmless when viewed in terms of electronic discovery/disclosure. When I first came across the description for ESI and the usage of the meaning of ‘information’, my heart sank. What is information? Do we know what we are addressing when we talk [...]

Zen and the art of edisclosure next?

Been pre-occupied with lots of non IT, non ediscovery/disclosure stuff lately In the midst (and aggro?!) of changing my broadband internet provider & coping (fiddly) with mobile internet. How about this for a refreshing read? Just one page on the Zen and the Art of Disaster Recovery. Compared this with an article (from – [...]

From ESI to Evidence & preservation of RAM

With kind permission from Mr. William F. Hamilton at Holland + Knight, I have posted here two articles which I received last week. The PowerPoint presentation on From ESI to Evidence and a pdf article on RAM preservation. Thanks Mr. Hamilton.

forensic classification of specialities – one approach

Last December, I attended a digital forensic course given by the London School of Informatics, City University. On my ToDo list (many ToDo!) after the course was to find out how the courts and the forensic practitioners classify the various technical or speciality areas (if any). Here’s one approach adopted by the Council for the [...]

information blocked & information ‘missed’ collaboration

I just found out today that my IT friends in Shanghai are not able to view my websites (this one & another). Sites blocked by the Chinese government. Ah how sad! I was just looking to share my information with my friends. Also, another IT friend in UK pointed this rather interesting read at wikipedia, [...]