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Article 29 Working Party newsroom

EU’s newsroom site where various info on & from the Article 20 Working Party. Currently, the guidelines: Guidelines on the right to “data portability”, wp242rev.01 pdf Guidelines on Data Protection Officers (‘DPOs’), wp243rev.01 pdf Guidelines on The Lead Supervisory Authority, wp244rev.01 pdf Guidelines on Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) or Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA), wp248_enpdf [...]

EU – Infographics on Data Protection (GDPR)

Warning – the infographics – not to be treated as ‘legal’ text.

GDPR text & recitals – arranged by Stefan Meier

A well arranged GDPR text & recitals by Stefan Meier. The EU’s official GDPR text

ICO on GDPR – breach notification

ICO on GDPR – breach notification. Next to watch – the Article 29 Working Party guidelines

ICO on GDPR & Big data

ICO on GDPR, Big data & stuff (pdf)