Monthly Archives: December 2008

case in point – lighter side of ediscovery

It’s that time of year again…December festive spirit and the e-mails exchanges. In keeping with the spirit of goodwill & fun, here’s a challenge of a different sort from a cartoonist, Tom Fishburne at Case in Point. Do visit the site for the cartoon on E-Discovery Budgeting. The site’s invitation starts off: About ‘Case in [...]

a newly coined word – protodigital

Checkout Ralph’s blog on Why E-Discovery is Ruining Litigation in America and What Can Be Done About It In the world of IT and wearing my project manager hat on, ediscovery/edisclosure is another ‘activity’ to add to the list of items to consider. In the past (before ediscovery/edisclosure is coined) and in projects I have [...]