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things ediscovery/edisclosure related

For general resources related to Alternative Dispute Resolution, do check out at my networking iADRt site. Do please join iADRt. You may join as a guest of iADRt or better still become a sponsor and get your company name/logo on the iADRt site. Data is contagious and any attempt to categorise or organise ‘data’ may [...]

Process & Data & People

Today, I went to hear what Ms Jennifer Stapleton (DSDM Consultant) has to say about ‘Agile Programme Management’ . Nothing revolutionary in terms of process or approach. Agile is viewed as systemic and dependent on culture. Personally, I rather prefer to view Agile holistically and not to complicate business agility with a whole hosts of [...]

How much info?

‘How much new information is distributed in storage media?’, a study dedicated to estimating how much new information is generated each year. Not sure whether the study is still ongoing as the study was posted around 2003. Interesting to note that the UC Berkeley’s School of Information Management and Systems is the first school in [...]