Monthly Archives: May 2009

e-lessons learned blog

I came across a blog from twitters which I find rather interesting. Nowadays, there’re so many blogs on ediscovery and most of them seem to repeat or rehash what have been blogged or reported elsewhere. The e-lessons learned blog is refreshing and worth keeping an eye on.The current posts examined the Zubulake cases from different [...]

Hob nobbing, guanxi and not hot tubbing

Recently, I was at two events (ADR related) and both required me to note my carbon footprint. My first event was ‘Resolving Business Disputes in Today’s China’ in New York City (organised by the JurisConference). It was a great event, great lunch and interesting lunch debate. Although the event has nothing to do with edisclosure/ediscovery, [...]

EDRM project management framework

The EDRM project management framework is in draft and available for public comment. The EDRM’s mission statement stated: The mission of the EDRM’s Project Management Workgroup has been to develop a framework and specific guidelines to serve as a standard in the electronic discovery industry regarding effective management of electronic discovery projects. Here is my [...]

How to build bridges, start by building a raft?

I have been involved with countless IT software development projects whereby many stakeholders (including lawyers) tried to work as a team to deliver a system/software to meet various requirements. I said ‘tried’ instead of ‘must’ or ‘need’ or ‘should’. In my role as an IT manager or project manager, I will never say to my [...]

action-packed April with no internet broadband

No blogging means no internet broadband access at home . In early April, my internet connection was ‘data-jacked’ by another ISP when they did an upgrade to their system using an ‘old’ or unpurged database/dataset.  ‘Old’ as I do not hold a current internet account with them and whatever data they hold about me should [...]