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Discovery & Data Analysis

Discovery generates ‘quasi-metaphysical’ debates? Traditional documentary discovery is ‘turned’ into electronic discovery by allowing data analysis of computer files to ‘create new document’. Check out this at the Irish law on discovery

Process & Data & People

Today, I went to hear what Ms Jennifer Stapleton (DSDM Consultant) has to say about ‘Agile Programme Management’ . Nothing revolutionary in terms of process or approach. Agile is viewed as systemic and dependent on culture. Personally, I rather prefer to view Agile holistically and not to complicate business agility with a whole hosts of [...]

my dissertation – done but more to come?

This week I met up with my dissertation tutor, Ms Angie Raymond,  and we had very interesting exchanges. I am very pleased that Ms Raymond said my dissertation (title: electronic discovery/disclosure:from litigation to international commercial arbitration) was ‘publishable’ material and also commented that I should consider extending my interests in this subject matter and pursue [...]

discovery project manager

This week I saw a job title, ‘discovery project manager’, advertised in jobserve. I am indeed curious as I am an IT Project Manager/Consultant. Perhaps I will also add ‘ediscovery’ to my list of acquired ‘knowledge’. Over the next couple of weeks I will explore these two domains. Welcome suggestions/comments here or at yahoo groups.

Buddhism and the art of negotiation – Harvard News Office

It would be a dream come true for me if I can also apply the Buddhist precepts and way of ‘non-judgment’ for dispute resolution. Interesting article coming from Harvard News room. The Zen and Buddhism for Negotiation

The Legal IT Show 2008:e-discovery

Show coverage included E-discovery I missed the Show. Instead, I celebrated Chinese New Year, Year of the Rat, with lots of catching up with families and friends.

BlackBerry Texting:electronic communication/document

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s (Finra) said ‘Blackberry text must be archived and reviewed.’ Securities Industry news

electronic discovery vs computer forensics & beyond…

My research for my dissertation finished last week. I will continue to post articles which I’ve collected and will also continue with my interests in international arbitration and ediscovery/edisclosure. An article on ediscovery vs computer forensics. I will be exploring, ‘IT containment’ or ‘Data Retention’ and International rules/laws on documentary evidence. After reflection, (from my [...]

New York, New York

Finished my dissertation on 27th January! Then off I went to NY. Met up with old friends and also found new friends at the Juris Conference: Electronic Disclosure in International Arbitration. Now back in London and went for a job interview today?! Any other offers? Had the famous ‘juniors’ cheese cakes at the Grand Central [...]