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Anonymisation & GDPR

Yesterday evening, 29th March 2018 I attended a BCS Law Specialist Group event – GDPR: Anonymisation,re-identification risk and GDPR profiling. The talk was presented by Dr. Amandine Jambert from the French Data Authority CNIL. The anonymisation slide is interesting. I asked whether the WP29 thinking (& their opinions) about the 3 properties are for the [...]

social data – Facebook

A well-crafted post by Mark Zuckerberg:

Privacy-by-design framework

#privacy-by-design framework for the collection and processing of behavioural #data -an #OASIS COEL TC deliverable The url:

Data Privacy Day 2016

Data Privacy Day event at City! Together with a City colleague, Dr David Haynes, we got our planned event into the City news page; Headlines and content extracted and posted here; City experts to discuss data privacy The European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the recent European Court of Human Rights [...]

attaching ‘identity’ to data

A publication – Aspects of Identity – from The British Computer Society Identity Assurance Working Group with foreword by Kim Cameron is available for download (pdf). From the publication: The BCS position is that individuals, not organisations, should remain in control of their personal identification, whether held by governments or other organisations. Individuals, organisations, governments [...]

cloud computing

Cloud is here to stay (until another storm clears the current cloud), so might as well ride with the current cloud. Like picking up any new technology or looking to make sense of the new technology, I start with looking at the new technology with references to established methodologies, approaches or techniques or simply methods. [...]

It’s starting with B something

Have you notice that ‘B something’ is back in fashion? ‘Big Blue’ in the 70s or is it in the 80s? Now we have ‘Big Data’ and ‘BYOD’. In the ediscovery world, these two ‘B something’ not only add extra vocabulary but also highlighted that data is ‘Big-ish to the petra super server level’ and [...]

‘Tis the season

‘Tis the season – let the snow falls (on this website) and be joyous… For those of us who create applications (apps) or build systems we do so to meet business needs or to make a living or some other reasons. How we use the data subsequently (created by the apps) is generally not build [...]

why five principles?

I have not done a search for the original article or press statements on ‘the Commission’s concept for the future EU data privacy framework’ as mentioned in Development and revision of global data privacy and security laws on lexology. Why five principles? This principle – Privacy by design -  sounds great with the 3 words [...]

to do with technology or not?

Is everything I do, to do with technology? When I am asleep, I guess I have nothing to do with technology unless I am in a technological related dream. This will probably be the end of my spirited being. Here is an interesting question (or a dream question?) raised by someone at the Sociotechnology and [...]