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a new metaphor- looking for a needle in a needle factory!

I recently contacted Mr Chris Dale asking if he knows or have come across any edisclosure case. Today he e-mailed me and said he found a case (well a pre-action disclosure case) & has posted in his blog. An interesting read. Thks Chris!. I wonder how many needle factories are out there?!

Improving Procedures for Discovery and Documentary Evidence

improving-procedures-for-discovery.htm, Andrew Rogers, Source: BOOK: ICCA Congress series no. 7 (1996), pp. 131 – 144

Electronic Discovery In Arbitration: Privilege Issues and Spoliation of Evidence

Warshauer, Irene C “Electronic Discovery In Arbitration: Privilege Issues and Spoliation of Evidence“. Dispute Resolution Journal. Nov 2006-Jan 2007. 09 Nov. 2007.

Enforcing Arbitration Awards under the New York Convention: Experience and Prospects -1998

Pdf article on the papers presented at ‘New York Convention Day’, a colloquium held in New York on 10 June 1998 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards concluded on 10 June 1958.

Late addition – UNCITRAL Notes


Edisclosure under communications law

Just found an article on Westlaw (now that my account was re-activated, thanks to Queen Mary College). E-disclosure -UK

A need for an ‘express guide on electronic documents’?

Two statements in the Electronic Discovery In International Arbitration article grabbed my attention; ‘parties are disclosing electronic information both voluntarily and when compelled to do so during discovery’ and also‘that parties to international arbitration are probably treating e-mail and other electronic information like paper documents, with no attention to the implications that the electronic nature [...]

Last Year news – still a struggle

One year after FRCP, struggles continue with e-discovery By Beth Pariseau, News Writer 19 Dec 2007 | article

edisclosure in New York

New York City 31 January 2008, A Juris Conferences event on ‘Electronic Evidence and Disclosure in International Arbitration’ The edisclosure ‘fever’ has started for me & I’m all booked to attend. It will be my ‘conference holiday’ and will no doubt bring back some memories of NY as I’ve visited NY back in 1987/8 (work [...]

How much info?

‘How much new information is distributed in storage media?’, a study dedicated to estimating how much new information is generated each year. Not sure whether the study is still ongoing as the study was posted around 2003. Interesting to note that the UC Berkeley’s School of Information Management and Systems is the first school in [...]