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The Times They are A Changing – some secrets are out!

I was feeling nostalgic listening to Bob Dylan’s music and remembered my times in Zurich (back in the 1997/8) especially the stories and tales about the gold vaults underneath the streets of Zurich! I wish I can trace my friends and ex-colleagues in Zurich so that we can re-visit and re-craft the tales in the [...]

a dedicated video folder for electronic discovery – FindLaw

For anyone interested in viewing videos, check out this at Findlaw. Do view the ‘Other Legal Technology Videos’ and  see if you can catch the common themes in these videos and the electronic discovery videos.  

Alternative Search Technologies – Too Good to be True

It seems that alternative search technologies (alternative to the familiar Keyword and Boolean searches) touted by Vendors are considered as ‘too good to be true’. Check it out yourself at In Search of Better E-Discovery Methods By H. Christopher Boehning and Daniel J. Toal, New York Law Journal April 23, 2008 The above legal article [...]

From ESI to Evidence & preservation of RAM

With kind permission from Mr. William F. Hamilton at Holland + Knight, I have posted here two articles which I received last week. The PowerPoint presentation on From ESI to Evidence and a pdf article on RAM preservation. Thanks Mr. Hamilton.

Discovery in Arbitration – US

Discovery in Arbitration – US style An extract from the pdf article: This article will discuss discovery in arbitration proceedings. Part I will discuss discovery in advance of arbitration under the commercial rules of the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”). Part II will discuss discovery under the Federal Arbitration Act (“FAA”). Finally, Part III will discuss [...]

summarised amendments of FRCP -pre December 2006

A Foley & Lardner LLP Information Bulletin pre Dec 2006 – summarised amendments of FRCP

From K & L Gates electronic discovery law blog

E-Discovery Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Go Into Effect Today; concise article posted at electronic discovery law blog

Overview of Resolving Disputes in the UK (England and Wales)

Bird & Bird article by Jeremy Sharman