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Idiot’s Guide or Dummies Book

The most difficult aspect of edisc(overy)/(losure) is writing a definitive, complete book covering all the elements of edisc that satisfies everyone or is suitable for general release. So, will a Dummies Guide or an Idiot’s Guide to edisc make it to this year Xmas book list? Perhaps an unlikely Xmas event. What has been stated [...]

attaching ‘identity’ to data

A publication – Aspects of Identity – from The British Computer Society Identity Assurance Working Group with foreword by Kim Cameron is available for download (pdf). From the publication: The BCS position is that individuals, not organisations, should remain in control of their personal identification, whether held by governments or other organisations. Individuals, organisations, governments [...]

New domain for click2ediscovery

click2ediscovery is now iedisc. Wanted a simple and short name with an ‘i’ as tweeted back in summer 2009. Twitter was my ‘diary’ then. Life has been hectic since summer 2009 especially as I moved to China in Sept 2009 and only moved back to my own home (in UK) last Sept. I will eventually [...]