More Collaboration coming from Open Source

Couple of interesting remarks/statements from this article, Open Source Could Change the Future of E-Discovery;

Even for customers who can afford commercial e-discovery, “There is no tool that fits what lawyers want. The only one you like is the one you’ve never seen and don’t use, because they are just all bad.” of the cyncial things the [commercial] e-discovery people have done for quite a while is they will charge the lawyers a lot of money for all the message files they could construct from all those database entries. You’ve created all these duplicates that the database existed to manage in the first place. Then they’ll turn around and charge you to de-duplicate it…

Another news – Nuxeo and Hippo Team Up to Provide Seamless ECM / WCM Solution – coming from Open Source folks which could potentially change the way enterprises, big and small, deal with E-Discovery challenges.

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