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The ‘problem’ being ‘non-issue’ or ‘the issue’ or a ‘multi-million dollar issue’

The opening statements from eDiscovery Advice from A Fellow Traveller; I am not an eDiscovery expert, and I am not selling eDiscovery services. This post is for the masses not the specialist. It is from one fellow traveller to another fellow traveller. Mmm… I guess the specialist will also read it, perhaps more drawn to [...]

Behind the E-disclosure scenes

It has been unusually hot in (South) London. Not sunbathing and not complaining about the weather but a different kind of complaint. I was stranded for nearly one and half hour in a no power train yesterday and couldn’t help hearing several angry and frustrated mobile exchanges between couple of businessmen with the South East [...]

case in point – lighter side of ediscovery

It’s that time of year again…December festive spirit and the e-mails exchanges. In keeping with the spirit of goodwill & fun, here’s a challenge of a different sort from a cartoonist, Tom Fishburne at Case in Point. Do visit the site for the cartoon on E-Discovery Budgeting. The site’s invitation starts off: About ‘Case in [...]

An insight into what could emerge from even a ‘spillover’ event ran loosely based on the Open Space Technology (OST).

The ‘spillover’ event is the BCS BarCamp5 Spillover held on Saturday 28th September at the BCS Office in London. I was notified of the BarCamp event just two days before the planned event. Before the actual day, it seems to be a momentous event for the BCS as reported in the BCS blog. Having attended [...]

Meltdown, Woes and Airport Spotting

The news of yesterday caught my attention. The ‘connectivity’ failure or ‘meltdown’ of the London Stock Exchange due to the weekend technical changes.  Mmm the meltdown did not concern me (not nowadays..) but it sure brought back memories of my programming days when I had to do coding and testing for trading platforms..Yeah sure was [...]

Go East

June gone, still July and August soon and the Beijing Olympics I wish I can go to the Beijing Olympics…oh well… Today, I heard over the radio (most likely BBC 3) advising visitors to the Beijing Olympic on what not to do?! One ‘not to do’ is ‘not to ask what they do’ (i.e. avoid [...]

Alert! The International Journal of Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Management

I am rather pleased to announce that the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) will publish my condensed dissertation, titled : Electronic Discovery/Disclosure: From Litigation to International Commercial Arbitration  in The International Journal of Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Management, Sweet & Maxwell, Volume 74 Number 4 November 2008. When I started on my research back in October [...]

a collusion of laws,regulations & standards on e-mails

I wondered if the term, collusion to mean ‘interplay’ (or more precisely in the old etymological sense of playing fairly together?) could be used in the context of looking at the various laws, regulations and standards surrounding e-mails. According to Prof. Tony Hoare at a BCS evening talk, the collusion of the Science of Programming [...]

From the Serious Fraud Office (UK), investigation is an art.

For those in UK and able to attend the British Computer Society (BCS) evening event on 27th May : Large Scale and Complex Fraud:the Digital Forensics Approach’ hosted by BCS IRMA, please pre-book and do comment here if you get to attend. I will be in Geneva on that day. Sounds an interesting presentation from [...]

my dissertation – done but more to come?

This week I met up with my dissertation tutor, Ms Angie Raymond,  and we had very interesting exchanges. I am very pleased that Ms Raymond said my dissertation (title: electronic discovery/disclosure:from litigation to international commercial arbitration) was ‘publishable’ material and also commented that I should consider extending my interests in this subject matter and pursue [...]