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Electronic Discovery In Arbitration: Privilege Issues and Spoliation of Evidence

Warshauer, Irene C “Electronic Discovery In Arbitration: Privilege Issues and Spoliation of Evidence“. Dispute Resolution Journal. Nov 2006-Jan 2007. 09 Nov. 2007.

Last Year news – still a struggle

One year after FRCP, struggles continue with e-discovery By Beth Pariseau, News Writer 19 Dec 2007 | article

edisclosure in New York

New York City 31 January 2008, A Juris Conferences event on ‘Electronic Evidence and Disclosure in International Arbitration’ The edisclosure ‘fever’ has started for me & I’m all booked to attend. It will be my ‘conference holiday’ and will no doubt bring back some memories of NY as I’ve visited NY back in 1987/8 (work [...]

How much info?

‘How much new information is distributed in storage media?’, a study dedicated to estimating how much new information is generated each year. Not sure whether the study is still ongoing as the study was posted around 2003. Interesting to note that the UC Berkeley’s School of Information Management and Systems is the first school in [...]

Controlling Costs in Arbitration

Techniques for Controlling Time and Costs in Arbitration A Report from the ICC Commission on Arbitration In the ICC Publication 843 -Techniques for Controlling Time and Costs in Arbitration, no specific mention on ‘electronic document production’ or ‘electronically stored information’, although ‘Úse of IT’ is discussed. The Redfern Schedule is mentioned for managing requests for [...]

Evidence Disclosure in Chinese International Arbitration

What can we glimpse (& learn?) from the Chinese where Alternative Dispute Resolution has been the way of resolving disputes from the Confucian era to current digital era? For a glimpse on Chinese international arbitration, check out the pdf article: Tipping the Scale to Bring a Balanced Approach: Evidence Disclosure in Chinese International Arbitration. By [...]

Zubulake v. UBS Warburg (2003)

The landmark case of Zubulake v UBS Warburg. Zubulake which highlights the issues with electronic discovery. Articles and links available on the site krollontrack


An extract from the pdf document; ‘Guidelines will provide an appropriate framework to address how to conduct e-discovery, based on norms that the bench and bar can adopt and develop over time as a matter of practice. They are not intended to be enforceable directly, as are the Rules of Civil Procedure, although they may [...]

Glossary – CPR; that incorporates the 45th update

The Glossary in the site Eventually, this blog will have a Glossary page for ‘all’ terms defined in the rules, guidelines and also their usage in arbitration.


The provisions at the Federal Arbitration Act For explanations on the US Code and for information about the schedule of Supplements etc. Checkout information on the unclassified changes i.e. changes that have not yet made it into the classification tables.