Monthly Archives: March 2010

Code Words in E-mail

An interesting read, Sorting Out Email: How SEC Decoded Insider Trading Ring. The smart being out-smarted by code and decoded words. Does this mean potatoes are the next new currency?

Coming from the IBA

Recent developments coming from the International Bar Association (IBA) which I find worth noting are the ‘Draft revised IBA Rules on the Taking of Evidence in International Arbitration’ and the ‘IBA Guidelines for Drafting International Arbitration Clauses’. For folks familiar with the IBA website, the pdf versions may be located via their search tool.

Just for my own record

According to my web hoster, this site/blog will be moving to a new high performance server in the next 24 hours. Such is life in the data world – inconveniences for a faster (& safer?) access?

Is my data everybody’s business?

For the past weeks I have the ‘freedom’ to explore my websites, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. You see, I have been out of the online social scenes since last September when I left UK for Beijing. Came back to UK just to sort personal stuff and see my kids before I leave for Beijing again. [...]