Ediscovery Capability Maturity Model for Organisation?

There is an assumption in current ediscovery/disclosure processing models and solutions (offered by vendors/providers) that ‘Form follows Function’.

If you’re tired of reading articles, here’s a webcast on ‘The e-discovery tool landscape’ .

If you’re too busy to listen to the webcast, here’s a summary from the bitpipe.com site:

Due to the broad nature of e-discovery, it can be hard to discern what constitutes an e-discovery vendor. This webcast provides an overview of some product categories that can help offer insight into their strengths and weaknesses in the e-discovery process.

This webcast also discusses:

  • The role of email archival
  • Strengths and limitations of information classification tools
  • How to leverage SIMs, log managers and network management consoles
  • Search tools that can index content in a variety of resources for later discovery
  • Pros and cons of forensics tools
  • What to do about encryption

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