Monthly Archives: October 2008

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

Last week, I went to the second e-discovery conference held in Victoria, London and heard an interesting speech (no slides presentation) by Master Whitaker, Senior Master, Queen’s Bench Division. Master Whitaker shared his thoughts and insights on edisclosure which was probably the highlight or spotlight of the conference. Most of the presentations held over the [...]

Not ranting, simply want to make a point

If you have visited my blog yesterday and also previous yesterdays, you may have noticed that the Google ads have ‘vanished’.  Apparently my Google Adsense account has been disabled. I received an e-mail from google adsense saying ‘we found that your AdSense account has posed a significant risk to our AdWords advertisers’. Also ‘we consider [...]

fear of the ediscovery costs…

I am catching up on my e-mail alerts and came across an article in the Economist dated 28th August 2008 (that’s when I was away from my computer in sunny Hawaii!). The article titled ‘The Big Data Dump’. Great title for an article that touches on pretty much the reality of life from technology, business [...]

internet platforms back in Sept 2007

For those interested in more than just googling or e-mailing find out what Marc Andreessen wrote about ‘internet platforms’ back in Sept 2007 at his blog. The blog reads like a marketing speech for Marc’s venture into Ning (Ning platform). Still… Ning platform has turned into a ‘rich’ playground for Marc and Co. In my [...]

Feeling ‘cheesed off’!

I just noticed that the Juris Conference which is on today (see my previous post- A Conference for ‘up & coming’ arbitration practitioners – Establishing Your Case in International Arbitration) has an interesting announcement on the Juris website. My guess is that my subscribers/readers (from various jurisdictions/institutions) have noticed my remarks and took heart and [...]

Production of electronic documents

The announcement at the ICC website on ‘Task Force on Production of Electronic Documents in Arbitration’ appears to me to be the start of more Task Forces to come. I do not know why the ICC specifically use the term ‘Production’. Why not just a Task Force for electronic disclosure or electronic documents? I fear [...]