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a dedicated video folder for electronic discovery – FindLaw

For anyone interested in viewing videos, check out this at Findlaw. Do view the ‘Other Legal Technology Videos’ and  see if you can catch the common themes in these videos and the electronic discovery videos.  

The Lawyer – calling all litigation professionals

Ready yourself for the next 12 months of increased litigation and the challenges of electronic disclosure – From The Lawyer. What are the challenges of electronic disclosure? According to the speakers/presenters from the legal world, the challenges are explored by themes which are; Implications of the latest electronic disclosure developments Minimising costs associated with eDisclosure [...]

Is edisclosure on the ICCA published agenda?

Since completion of my dissertation, I have not been actively searching for legal articles or news. I do know that in the arbitration world, there is an event coming up in June in Dublin. The International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA), founded in 1961, is the leading world-wide organization devoted to promoting international arbitration and [...]

Who would have guessed?

I subscribe to the ProBlogger Blog Tips mailing list and have been receiving & deleting the e-mails for months. Today I actually opened and read the Tips, dated 17-May. Good job I didn’t read the Blog Tips to decide on whether to blog or not. I found couple of questions that caught my attention; • [...]

US and UK/EU Legal & Compliance “Hot Topics”

It doesn’t look like ediscovery is under the “Hot Topics”. Maybe ‘ediscovery’ is too hot to handle. The topics listed under the programme, such as recording, securing and accessing client communications are mostly to do with Know Your Customer (KYC). It would be interesting to hear the recent lessons from the compliance officers and also [...]

Alternative Search Technologies – Too Good to be True

It seems that alternative search technologies (alternative to the familiar Keyword and Boolean searches) touted by Vendors are considered as ‘too good to be true’. Check it out yourself at In Search of Better E-Discovery Methods By H. Christopher Boehning and Daniel J. Toal, New York Law Journal April 23, 2008 The above legal article [...]

E-mail Archiving – Myths according to a Solution Provider and Making Sense in Plain English of the FRCP

For those using Exchange, Outlook and Active Directory, you may be interested to read the white paper, Email Archiving: Common Myths and Misconceptions by MessageOne, Inc. If you’re curious on how a Solution Provider ‘makes sense in plain English of the FRCP, scan the posted white paper. I cannot comment on the MessageOne solution as [...]

for a bit of fun, view the short video packed with all the ‘news of the day’

Let’s hope ‘wire-tapping’ does not creep into the ediscovery domain. Enjoy the video at Thanks to Roger C for sending me the link.

Concluding remarks from my research (winter 2007)

“Electronic discovery is a tool to help resolve a dispute and should not be viewed as a strategic weapon to coerce unjust, delayed, or expensive results.” – From the Sedona Conference Electronic discovery/disclosure is an evolving field and has already raised and heightens multiple legal, security, and personal privacy issues, many of which have yet [...]