Monthly Archives: July 2009

A friendly announcement

Hello friends, Eventually I hope to upgrade this wordpress site to the ‘latest’  version. Meanwhile, I will only allow ‘real’ users (as opposed to spooky/spamming e-mails) to register here. Please do announce via e-mail to me that you wish to join/register with an identifiable e-mail address. Many thanks! Cher

exchange of information tackle as e-justice – EU

Done in Brussels, 10 July 2009. The new EU programme for the next five years in the area of freedom, security and justice – the so called Stockholm programme, is due to be adopted by the European Council in December 2009 is available at the EDPS site. …

E-discovery waves headed/heading East?

I just found this E-Discovery and Digital Forensics GEC conference via my search radar. Is this a good indicator that the e-discovery waves have reached the shores of Asia? I am sure there are other Asian regional and local meetings and conferences on e-discovery being hosted amongst other annual conferences and events. Perhaps soon there [...]

Behind the E-disclosure scenes

It has been unusually hot in (South) London. Not sunbathing and not complaining about the weather but a different kind of complaint. I was stranded for nearly one and half hour in a no power train yesterday and couldn’t help hearing several angry and frustrated mobile exchanges between couple of businessmen with the South East [...]