fear of the ediscovery costs…

I am catching up on my e-mail alerts and came across an article in the Economist dated 28th August 2008 (that’s when I was away from my computer in sunny Hawaii!).

The article titled ‘The Big Data Dump’. Great title for an article that touches on pretty much the reality of life from technology, business and from the kids to the big boys to the Supreme Court.

Well the  ‘dumping’ also extended to changing the law (American Civil Law) or some new rules. Ms Love Kourlis’s quoted in the article : ‘Judges in civil cases, she says, need more power to assess and define the appropriate amount of information that can be sought in each case. Civil cases ought to require both sides to disclose what information they have, as in criminal cases, thus ending the game of hide-and-seek that makes both parties ask for more, for fear of missing something. And shifting lawyers away from being paid by the hour (see article) would mean that they no longer had an incentive to add to the process.’

So what next?

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