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A huge 2019 privacy fine on Facebook

More action from Facebook to watch out for: ‘We have heard that words and apologies are not enough and that we need to show action.‘ #2019PrivacyFine #FTC Agreement Brings Rigorous New #Standards for Protecting Your #Privacy #Facebook Newsroom — cher devey (@datachainrisk) July 30, 2019 Also, note The FTC press release: ‘As part of [...]

PhD – A Triage Playbook: Privacy Harm and Data Incident Response in the UK

On stage #CityGrad. Many thanks to my daughter for the video & the pics. — cher devey (@datachainrisk) July 16, 2019

PhD in Computer Science #CityGrad 16th July 2019

A memorable graduation ceremony #PhD #CityGrad 16th July 2019 — cher devey (@datachainrisk) July 16, 2019

A memorable day #CityGrad 16th July 2019

#PhD in computer science.16th July 2019 #CityGrad — cher devey (@datachainrisk) July 16, 2019