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SMO v TikTok

On BBC news: TikTok faces legal action from 12-year-old girl in England. SMO v TikTok judgment Some interesting remarks/statements – additional info/comments enclosed in brackets () and italics- are extracted from the Judgment: ‘This is a pre-action application for anonymity on behalf of a child claimant in an intended claim for breach of privacy‘. ‘The [...]

Trends and the missing dots

I rarely twitter/tweet unless I want to follow-up something – a twitter recorder/alerter? I guess I am not a savvy Twitter user and have not found a good reply to even a simple question as ‘what is Twitter?’ I was recently asked (by a non techie) ‘what is twitter?’ I said ; An online system [...]

Practice Direction 31B – PD 31B

The 53rd update to the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) is effective from 1 October 2010 which also introduces changes to e-disclosure. Note from the site; Part 31 Disclosure and Inspection of Documents and new PD31B Disclosure of Electronic Documents A new Practice Direction is introduced to regulate the approach practitioners should take when considering [...]

The Lawyer – calling all litigation professionals

Ready yourself for the next 12 months of increased litigation and the challenges of electronic disclosure – From The Lawyer. What are the challenges of electronic disclosure? According to the speakers/presenters from the legal world, the challenges are explored by themes which are; Implications of the latest electronic disclosure developments Minimising costs associated with eDisclosure [...]

Just for the record – 2nd article on the IBA Rules

The other article (which was referenced in my dissertation) was posted here under the title: WHERE NEITHER THE IBA RULES NOR U.S. LITIGATION PRINCIPLES ARE ENOUGH Just recently my friend, Martin (another ex-student of QM) pointed out another article in the International Journal of Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Management, Vol 74, Number 1, February 2008 [...]

a new metaphor- looking for a needle in a needle factory!

I recently contacted Mr Chris Dale asking if he knows or have come across any edisclosure case. Today he e-mailed me and said he found a case (well a pre-action disclosure case) & has posted in his blog. An interesting read. Thks Chris!. I wonder how many needle factories are out there?!

Edisclosure under communications law

Just found an article on Westlaw (now that my account was re-activated, thanks to Queen Mary College). E-disclosure -UK

Glossary – CPR; that incorporates the 45th update

The Glossary in the site Eventually, this blog will have a Glossary page for ‘all’ terms defined in the rules, guidelines and also their usage in arbitration.

Under the English Arbitration Act 1996 – disclosure of documents

Disclosure under section 34(2)(d) The arbitral tribunal has the power to order disclosure and has a discretion to decide ‘whether any if so which documents or classes of documents should be disclosed between and produced by the parties and at what stage’. There is no limitation regarding the types of documents. The tribunal must avoid [...]

Notes to the amendments to the Practice Direction for CPR Part 31