E-mail Archiving – Myths according to a Solution Provider and Making Sense in Plain English of the FRCP

For those using Exchange, Outlook and Active Directory, you may be interested to read the white paper, Email Archiving: Common Myths and Misconceptions by MessageOne, Inc.

If you’re curious on how a Solution Provider ‘makes sense in plain English of the FRCP, scan the posted white paper.

I cannot comment on the MessageOne solution as I have not used or been exposed to the product.

However in the white paper there is a statement ‘Data is never lost, and companies have robust search and retrieval functionality to meet the legal and compliance challenges facing all industries, today.’

‘Data is NEVER lost’? This is a myth with or without an archive system.

It’s so easy to forget that once e-mail is sent /delivered (a copy may reside on your sent folder/archive), the information/data is also OUT of reach of the sender. Another food for though – how to make sense of the clawback agreements for e-mails?

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