Data Tidings in blog-chats

Data is not just data anymore, its Big Data

Out goes tera/petrabytes instead use ‘Big’

Big also heralds in Hadoop (& Hive & Pig etc)

These ‘animals’ and their Open Source playgrounds will change EDD (Electronic Discovery & Disclosure) software/services.(for the better!)

Will there be a Magic Quadrant EDD tackling Big +Cloud+ Open Source?

There are signs that the EDD rules (i.e. FRCP and CPR) will be revised (for the better?)

Here (England & Wales), the CPR will be revised/changed in April.

My 2013 EDD data recipe ; beware of stale data, don’t ingest ‘all-you-can-eat’ [3 mobile]data, and stay clear of everything-but–the-kitchen-sink EDD approach.

Kick starting the 2013 calendar with blog-chats!

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