e-book on e-discovery

Found an e-book style presentation on e-discovery.

Just the same old content i.e. the US stuff on the FRCP, e-mails, retention policy, technological tools for search and guides etc.

Flip through the nice charts and the articles and go straight to pages 20-21. Spot anything interesting? BTW you can also download a pdf version, how cool… Also the reader is reminded on IBM on every page.

The acronym, CYA caught my attention…

Seems that CYA is recognised as ‘simple human nature’ and when it comes down to saving their e-mails, employee can use ‘CYA’  argument against their employer.

Gosh, I guess one has to find new ways of dealing with e-discovery. So besides the charts and the step by step good practice guides, one can also use ‘CYA’ to save yourself and your e-mails. Would be interesting to see if there will be ‘CYA’ related e-discovery cases.

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