Who would have guessed?

I subscribe to the ProBlogger Blog Tips mailing list and have been receiving & deleting the e-mails for months. Today I actually opened and read the Tips, dated 17-May. Good job I didn’t read the Blog Tips to decide on whether to blog or not. I found couple of questions that caught my attention;
• Is anyone reading my blog?
According to my website stats, since Dec 2007 to 18 May 2008, my blog got 29387 hits. Mostly from the US and the Great Britain. Fourth place (pages and hits) is the Russian Federation and fifth is South Korea. (I am not counting the ‘unknown’ countries). Aways something amazing on the net! Who would have guessed?

What are other bloggers writing about my blog?
I did find a blogger commenting on my blog!
Check it out here or do a google search on cher devey.

• Do I have anything original and useful to say on my topic?
Is anything original these days?

• What else could I do with the time that I spend on this blog?
Ah! I only blog when I feel like it.

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