How much info?

‘How much new information is distributed in storage media?’, a study dedicated to estimating how much new information is generated each year.

Not sure whether the study is still ongoing as the study was posted around 2003.
Interesting to note that the UC Berkeley’s School of Information Management and Systems is the first school in the nation to explicitly address the growing need to manage information more effectively.


  1. john17
    Posted January 19, 2008 at 11:57 am | Permalink

    A lay client (a defendant) asked her UK Solicitor from a leading city law firm if she can get the information from the computer of the mortgage lending firm (claimant) it was met with a sharp “no.” The Claimant said that the documents were shredded some 2 years ago (mortgage took out 4 years ago). She was trying to prove that she did not take out a mortgage and some fraudster used her name,got the money and made off. This demonstrates how ignorant,stupidity or plain incompetent the UK lawyer is. He was charging £350 per hour to tell her that load of nonsense. Other issues are misleading the Court, CPR Part 22 (statement of truth) and 32.14 (Consequences for filing incorrect statement of truth!) and indeed breach of the Solicitors’ Code of Conduct 2007. By the way Civil Funding was refused to deal with this matter! Where are we going?

    Has anyone ever heard of UK lawyers fobbing off clients about their right to obtain information to undermine the other side case in these E-Discovery days? Look at the other blatant irregular non-CPR compliant and unprofessional issues!

    Do share your experience and frustrations with me!

  2. Posted January 19, 2008 at 12:54 pm | Permalink

    Hello John17,
    Thanks for sharing.

    One Lesson learnt:
    1) Check if the lawyer you’re appointing has a blog on CPR or has dealt with IT related cases.
    Ask for ‘proof’ and double check with an independent IT litigation support person on your rights and on lawyer’s obligations

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