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An EU amendment to the Flow of Personal Data from Controller to Processor

I am currently hopping around London and elsewhere too. So a quick post on what’s new in the Data scene. Check out the ICC’s site on news coming from the European Commission on changes to the Standard Contractual Clauses.

Behind the E-disclosure scenes

It has been unusually hot in (South) London. Not sunbathing and not complaining about the weather but a different kind of complaint. I was stranded for nearly one and half hour in a no power train yesterday and couldn’t help hearing several angry and frustrated mobile exchanges between couple of businessmen with the South East [...]

Go East

June gone, still July and August soon and the Beijing Olympics I wish I can go to the Beijing Olympics…oh well… Today, I heard over the radio (most likely BBC 3) advising visitors to the Beijing Olympic on what not to do?! One ‘not to do’ is ‘not to ask what they do’ (i.e. avoid [...]

Evidence Disclosure in Chinese International Arbitration

What can we glimpse (& learn?) from the Chinese where Alternative Dispute Resolution has been the way of resolving disputes from the Confucian era to current digital era? For a glimpse on Chinese international arbitration, check out the pdf article: Tipping the Scale to Bring a Balanced Approach: Evidence Disclosure in Chinese International Arbitration. By [...]

Electronic Evidence: Disclosure, Discovery & Admissibility

A Book on Electronic Evidence: Disclosure, Discovery & Admissibility General Editor: Stephen Mason with specialist contributors 1st Edition 2007, LexisNexis Butterworths A decent textbook of legal principles (mainly common law jurisdictions) and a fair selection of chapters/articles on digital evidence.


An extract from the pdf document; ‘Guidelines will provide an appropriate framework to address how to conduct e-discovery, based on norms that the bench and bar can adopt and develop over time as a matter of practice. They are not intended to be enforceable directly, as are the Rules of Civil Procedure, although they may [...]