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June gone, still July and August soon and the Beijing Olympics

I wish I can go to the Beijing Olympics…oh well…

Today, I heard over the radio (most likely BBC 3) advising visitors to the Beijing Olympic on what not to do?!

One ‘not to do’ is ‘not to ask what they do’ (i.e. avoid asking the Chinese what they do for living or their work).

Gosh! I have lived in Shanghai and Kunming (& have travelled to Beijing and other parts of China) and my advice to anyone going to the Olympics is not to avoid anything especially asking questions?! I guess it’s just radio commentary and not to be taken too seriously.

How about this ‘East meets West style of psychological integration’?

Professor Mok from the National University of Singapore gave a speech, titled “Ancient Chinese thoughts and modern leadership” at the Fudan University . Professor Mok’s suggestions are interesting. If his suggestions are adopted by the Chinese scholars in Fudan, soon all MBA students around the world (for the integration to be meaningful) will also have to study the ancient Chinese thoughts, i.e. Confucianism, Mohism, Taoism, Legalism, Military Arts .Whether future leaders will be able to grasp these ancient Chinese thoughts and think like Confucius etc. will be something I won’t be interested in.

What I am interested is how and why Professor Mok makes the connection between corporate decision-making with Taoism. This is indeed worth checking out. Would Taoism thinking helps with ediscovery/disclosure decision-making?

Maybe I ought to find a way to return or to Go East :-)

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