Meltdown, Woes and Airport Spotting

The news of yesterday caught my attention. The ‘connectivity’ failure or ‘meltdown’ of the London Stock Exchange due to the weekend technical changes.  Mmm the meltdown did not concern me (not nowadays..) but it sure brought back memories of my programming days when I had to do coding and testing for trading platforms..Yeah sure was fun and damn challenging. Mmm although it doesn’t concern me, I sure would be interested to know the stories and woes from the people involved with the technical changes. Stuff behind the technical changes i.e. stuff behind the scenes and see if there are lessons to be learnt. Well, if the developers-testers-engineers ever get to hearing/airing their own stories. Ah! No doubt there will be further news circling on reputation risks etc.

Well…I’m reporting yesterday’s news as I’m still suffering from jet lag or rather the time zone (& sunshine) differences from being up and down from East-West (Hawaii in the zone between East-West). One lesson which I just can’t fathom or learn is that my body–mind-spirit (wholeness?) just can’t recognise or register or adjust to the different time zone as required by where I am now. This doesn’t stop me from travelling to far flung places. Mmm do we need a meltdown to learn from our experiences? Good job my memories are still ‘fresh’ :-)

I spotted one large advertisement board (marketing board) as I was walking towards the international airport concourse in Toronto Pearson airport. (I flew from Vancouver to Toronto – this is just one lag). Guess what a saw! A marketing board (from one Ediscovery Company) with a one liner ‘e-mails are now legal’. I wondered how many people really understand the one liner. Does it concern me? Still…I had a phone call from a friend (yesterday) about his e-mails access and problems with Internet Service Providers. Memories still fresh; I said to him ‘e-mails are now legal’! Arghhh.

Lots of legal and non legal e-mails to ponder through.

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