case in point – lighter side of ediscovery

It’s that time of year again…December festive spirit and the e-mails exchanges.

In keeping with the spirit of goodwill & fun, here’s a challenge of a different sort from a cartoonist, Tom Fishburne at Case in Point.

Do visit the site for the cartoon on E-Discovery Budgeting. The site’s invitation starts off:

About ‘Case in Point’ – ‘Case in Point’ is a weekly cartoon series, created by CaseCentral Corporation, that illustrates the lighter side of eDiscovery. ‘Case in Point’ also runs a contest inviting anyone from the expansive eDiscovery realm – lawyers, IT staff, judges, service providers, paralegals, writers and consultants – to submit their own humorous experience or a scenario they find particularly funny. Participants may submit cartoon ideas online at for consideration. Winners will see their idea turned into a cartoon and receive a $50 gift certificate.

Come on all you ediscovery bloggers! Test your case…

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