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More Collaboration coming from Open Source

Couple of interesting remarks/statements from this article, Open Source Could Change the Future of E-Discovery; Even for customers who can afford commercial e-discovery, “There is no tool that fits what lawyers want. The only one you like is the one you’ve never seen and don’t use, because they are just all bad.” of the [...]

Magic Quadrant – Competition only?

I guess ediscovery folks have discovered the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery Software. Nothing to comment here except to note that it’s done for competition purposes not for collaboration. Gartner Magic Quadrant E-Discovery SW

Why are Google, Bing and Yahoo! collaborating? Aren’t you competitors?

Interesting development in the web space which most likely will attract other willing collaborators (or competitors) to join in. This development is also interesting for the ediscovery space as we now have ‘microdata’ . For my own record –

social networking

Just for my own reckoning, my Ning sites (as listed under this blog) will most likely disappear from online or hidden behind the cloud(s) of Ning after the 4th of May. Ning is changing their policy on free social networking. Should I explore other free social networking CMS? Mmm..Will see.

Just for my own record

According to my web hoster, this site/blog will be moving to a new high performance server in the next 24 hours. Such is life in the data world – inconveniences for a faster (& safer?) access?

Farewell to the noughties

Is change constant? Perhaps only when it comes to changing to a new year, a new calendar. Should I look back to the noughties years (2000s) or even well before the noughties years? I guess it won’t make any sense to compare or contrast past year’s events or developments especially when it comes to talking [...]

mobile content search

Soon there will be Chinese-character Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) for mobile users. Perhaps soon there will also be a ‘Non-Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution’ mechanism. Also, this month the WIPO celebrated the ten year anniversary of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

Two different approaches to privacy

Since I can’t tweet I will use my blog to post. Research into trust model(s) in the cloud and a new credit privacy rule (still in draft according to the report) in China.

EDRM project management framework

The EDRM project management framework is in draft and available for public comment. The EDRM’s mission statement stated: The mission of the EDRM’s Project Management Workgroup has been to develop a framework and specific guidelines to serve as a standard in the electronic discovery industry regarding effective management of electronic discovery projects. Here is my [...]

Just to name a few keywords…including gangs and guns

Keywords: Digital evidence, digital forensics, data forensics, investigative work, security breaches (& privacy and data breaches?), information assurance and law. The Association of Digital Forensics Security and Law (ADFSL) fourth annual conference will be held in Burlington, Vermont, USA on May 20-22, 2009. The conference description has many keywords and touches on a wide variety [...]