Just to name a few keywords…including gangs and guns

Keywords: Digital evidence, digital forensics, data forensics, investigative work, security breaches (& privacy and data breaches?), information assurance and law.

The Association of Digital Forensics Security and Law (ADFSL) fourth annual conference will be held in Burlington, Vermont, USA on May 20-22, 2009.
The conference description has many keywords and touches on a wide variety of topics and fields. Ah! a conference in beautiful Vermont. I have not been there, have seen beautiful pictures. Maybe if investigative work is done in beautiful settings, people may be more inspired naturally to collaborate and work together :-) . Well… the conference organisers noted this : Today, many professionals are working with others from different fields – lawyers are working with IT managers, law enforcement are working with forensics engineers. Well, at least they are trying.

On a different scale, the third International Crime Science Conference will be at the British Library in London on 15th July 2009. Mmm another place I have not been to. Instead of highlighting about professionals trying to work together, gangs and guns’ serve the medium. Perhaps this is the only distinguishable aspects between crime investigation and ediscovery/edisclosure for civil cases. I guess delineating or distinguishing data/computer/digital forensics and digital evidence will be covered by researchers. High drama though occurs in organisations, courts and private rooms.

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