Farewell to the noughties

Is change constant? Perhaps only when it comes to changing to a new year, a new calendar. Should I look back to the noughties years (2000s) or even well before the noughties years?

I guess it won’t make any sense to compare or contrast past year’s events or developments especially when it comes to talking about technology or the internet. Still…it does make interesting reading if one can grasp the full extent of the changing technological landscape.

Since I am only able to recognize the changing calendar and as I have been on the move a lot over the past years, my newsfeed are via my friends or from social media sites. Being in Beijing means access to social media sites and blog sites takes on a new dimension. I have to re-invent how I connect with new friends and turn to the foursquare to ‘shout’ out my location or bearing. Would anyone find my identity and location in 2012? (see the movie?!)

Nothing to do with ediscovery but a reminder that I am in Beijing and a Chinese friend has a new business at www.tui3.com   My challenge is to learn mandarin (fast enough!?) such that I can use this site.

Before I say farewell to the noughties, here is a glimpse of what someone said ‘you need to know about e-discovery in 2010’.

Notice any changes? I can only recognize the change from 2009 to 2010.

Happy 2010.

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