EDRM project management framework

The EDRM project management framework is in draft and available for public comment. The EDRM’s mission statement stated: The mission of the EDRM’s Project Management Workgroup has been to develop a framework and specific guidelines to serve as a standard in the electronic discovery industry regarding effective management of electronic discovery projects.

Here is my (initial) comment posted at the legalprojectmanagement blog :
Ah! Interesting picture of the EPMF. My first question is why do we need a PM framework for ediscovery? What is/are missing from existing PM models/frameworks/methodologies?

I like Paul’s comment ‘the Project Manager may find herself also wearing the hat of Peace Maker’. Perhaps instead of PM for ediscovery, we introduce a new term PM for Peace Maker :-)

Personally, I will opt for a light-weight methodology (based on my own experiences) for managing ediscovery activities. Since I am a non believer in any PM stuff for understanding and/or managing the dynamic interactions between the various stakeholders, I will just be ME and learn how I engage with others and take it from there.So understanding ME is the first step.

It would be great if we can prescribe a model to model the various ‘formed’ opinions/behaviours/perspectives of the people involved in the activities. These are the stuff which makes or breaks projects, right? I am not looking for such a model as human will trump model/process simply because we have model for this/that and for people to act on. Hence we have risk management to manage risks which we can identify and anything else not identifiable we say ‘Acts of God’ or human folly or ingenuity.

Thanks for sharing!

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