to do with technology or not?

Is everything I do, to do with technology?

When I am asleep, I guess I have nothing to do with technology unless I am in a technological related dream. This will probably be the end of my spirited being.

Here is an interesting question (or a dream question?) raised by someone at the Sociotechnology and Knowledge Development (sociotech) Group. I see nothing wrong in raising the question in my blog here. Any objections and concerns, please post here or contact cher at

Gosh! has technology got me to be so so cautious?!

The question coming from the sociotech group:

What do we really mean by technology?

This question sound similar to several questions raised by law/policy makers during an ediscovery conference I attended in 2009 in Barcelona.

Substitute the word ‘technology’ with ‘processing’ or ‘privacy’ or ‘consent’ (as in data protection), we end up with more dreamy questions with little common understanding or agreement, especially when discussing on ‘what are the real issues with cross border ediscovery?’.

The questions were based on this statement (or an opinion?):

There is no legal basis (or justification) for ‘processing’ which includes transferring, viewing, accessing etc, of data in ediscovery across the Atlantic (i.e. the Europe & US divide). What? No viewing, i.e. I can’t even open-view the file/data !

I guess the answers were not in the questions being raised, as the only answer that the policy makers were seeking to get assurance is: ‘how safe is my (personal) data’?

So, ‘What do we really mean by technology?

My dreamy reply: ‘technology’ is a beast and also a non beast, a thing and also a thingy.

What is your view(s)?

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