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Brexit – inconvenient truth of globalisation?

Since the momentous announcement of the outcome of the Brexit-In-Remain-EU Referendum event on Friday 24th June 2016, there’re now countless Brexit related media news/reports and social media rants. Friday 24th June 2016 will go down as ‘Black Friday’, not only in UK but across the globe. Can UK (or even any EU states) avoid or [...]

final adoption of the new EU rules for personal data protection

A new era in data protection and privacy in the EU with the announcement that the EU General Data Protection Regulation that was first drafted in January 2012 will be implemented in 2018. The link to the EU press release

The blog on the #DataPrivacyDay 2016 event at City University

Here’s the link to the blog on #citylis news; DataPrivacyDay 2016 Many thanks to Dr David Haynes and Dr Lyn Robinson for posting the blog.

Data Privacy Day 2016

Data Privacy Day event at City! Together with a City colleague, Dr David Haynes, we got our planned event into the City news page; Headlines and content extracted and posted here; City experts to discuss data privacy The European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the recent European Court of Human Rights [...]