‘Tis the season

‘Tis the season – let the snow falls (on this website) and be joyous…

For those of us who create applications (apps) or build systems we do so to meet business needs or to make a living or some other reasons. How we use the data subsequently (created by the apps) is generally not build into the apps. We don’t design apps to limit data generation or to identify data with meta data such that we know every bit of data being created. It is like asking for an app that will track every bit of data being created without the app creating data too. Imagine an app for this and guess what will top the chart for next year end ediscovery survey!

Is it the same as uttering or saying less (e-mail or phone) to convey a message without the message being short circuited or miss-interpreted?

I use applications every day. I create data every day too. I make dumb decision some day. Today I make a decision which is dumb due to lack of data being conveyed.
Dumb apps or dumb data or dumb me?

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