Not ranting, simply want to make a point

If you have visited my blog yesterday and also previous yesterdays, you may have noticed that the Google ads have ‘vanished’.Β  Apparently my Google Adsense account has been disabled. I received an e-mail from google adsense saying ‘we found that your AdSense account has posed a significant risk to our AdWords advertisers’. Also ‘we consider this a necessary step to protect the interests of both our advertisers and our other AdSense publishers.’

I am unable to figure out what have I done to have ‘posed a significant risk’?! I believed I have followed the rules and policies etc. Don’t I deserve a warning or a better explanation for the sudden account termination?

In the past I have avoided online ads as I find them a nuisance and a major distraction. However, I was curious about Google ads as Google seems to occupy a big ‘cloud’ online and churning out applications and swallowing up other online companies and also launching a browser. So I jumped on the Adsense wagon.

Nothing to do with ediscovery, right? Not yet…

Looks like I am not a publisher or an advertiser under Google Adsense (certainly not going to use AdWords!) . I am certainly a user. Maybe Google Adsense left this category of ‘user’ out in their meshup of various ‘clouds’ of platforms or applications.

Are we heading towards ‘cloud computing’ and OpenSocial platforms whereby users are considered ‘risky’ ?

I want to make a point – I am a user and will seek out other ways and options to drive into more sunny ‘clouds’.

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