Feeling ‘cheesed off’!

I just noticed that the Juris Conference which is on today (see my previous post- A Conference for ‘up & coming’ arbitration practitioners – Establishing Your Case in International Arbitration) has an interesting announcement on the Juris website.

My guess is that my subscribers/readers (from various jurisdictions/institutions) have noticed my remarks and took heart and have joined forces with each other. Well..that’s a pretty wild guess since none have the heart to comment on my blogs. Ah! maybe my readers don’t feel comfortable blogging their views and just prefer the ‘safe’ way to conduct business within their ‘safe’ closed network.

What I can’t understand is why the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators have not announced their newly ‘Protocol for E-Disclosure in Arbitration’ to their members (which I am one). I have searched on the CIArb site and nothing on ‘protocol’. I feel rather #!#!cheesed off#!#!

Will direct my ‘cheesed off’ energy elsewhere!

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