Our ever growing information intensive lives

My friend, Conrad highlighted an interesting article to me:

Web Science: Studying the Internet to Protect Our Future
Studying the Web will reveal better ways to exploit information, prevent identity theft, revolutionize industry and manage our ever growing online lives.
By Nigel Shadbolt and Tim Berners-Lee

I am aware that there are couple of ‘closed’ networks (i.e. closed as they not operated like Open Source groups or like a social network of like-minded open groups of community) that have been setup to define various protocols for ediscovery related issues. I am not against closed networks as their output/contribution will be beneficial to their network.

If we are going to define protocols for ediscovery where do we start?
If we know where to start, do we really know how to define the protocols such that the protocols make sense to people who need to use/interpret them?

I guess protocols are just protocols and not to be confused with finding solutions or finding the appropriate questions to ask to lead to the desired outcome. I remembered a lawyer struggling to phrase his questions or needs at a brown bag discussion group during the DESI II workshop held in London back in July. What I remembered was that he was frustrated that he has not found the ‘search solutions’ to help him (and his client) to perform ediscovery searches. He mentioned keyword search when asked to elaborate further.

Let’s hope that Web Science will also reveal simple and better ways to make sense of our information intensive lives.

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