Daily Archives: September 29, 2008

Social Networking site

Yesterday (Sunday 28th September), I started a social networking site at www.adrtribunals.ning.com Soon the site will be just www.adrtribunals.com. There is also an iADRt (international ADR tribunals) ‘badge’ located on this blog right hand side menu. Do visit and join for free and welcome any views/comments.

An insight into what could emerge from even a ‘spillover’ event ran loosely based on the Open Space Technology (OST).

The ‘spillover’ event is the BCS BarCamp5 Spillover held on Saturday 28th September at the BCS Office in London. I was notified of the BarCamp event just two days before the planned event. Before the actual day, it seems to be a momentous event for the BCS as reported in the BCS blog. Having attended [...]