Is Record and Information Management (RIM) the same as ESI Management?

Ah! if there is one prediction for 2008 (always fun to predict especially as spring, Easter and day light/shift in clock all happened before April Fool’s day); there will be all kinds of bundled IT and Legal events/conferences and also ediscovery/disclosure related trainings.

If you can distinguish ESI from RIM (just one area where IT and Legal terms are potential grounds for misunderstanding) and curious about whether one can truly predict the landscape for electronic discovery by examining (& predicting) the Record and Information Management arena (instead of landscape) try the online Record and Information Management (RIM) training.

I have not taken the online training as I much rather read my weekly horoscopes (& they’re free & with lots of nice pictures and dreamy words to lighten up my spirit).

If anyone has taken the online training, please do comment & share your views here.


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