Daily Archives: April 14, 2008

Fancy an MSc in E-discovery (and Computer Forensics)?

The Glasgow University is offering an MSc in Computer Forensics and E-discovery. The University is also looking for a lecturer, ‘ someone with professional and practical experience as well as the ability to take a leading role in teaching, development and research in dynamic academic environment.’

From the Serious Fraud Office (UK), investigation is an art.

For those in UK and able to attend the British Computer Society (BCS) evening event on 27th May : Large Scale and Complex Fraud:the Digital Forensics Approach’ hosted by BCS IRMA, please pre-book and do comment here if you get to attend. I will be in Geneva on that day. Sounds an interesting presentation from [...]

discovery of ‘e-mail diary’ disallowed even by a mock panel of international (real) arbitrators

I was at the ICC Arbitration Day event in Paris last week. Thanks to Ms. Mireze Philippe at the ICC for her company and lunch. The mock arbitration was well organised with two sittings comprising of well known arbitrators, lawyers and also a barrister. Only one of the parties was not a lawyer. The participants [...]