Idiot’s Guide or Dummies Book

The most difficult aspect of edisc(overy)/(losure) is writing a definitive, complete book covering all the elements of edisc that satisfies everyone or is suitable for general release. So, will a Dummies Guide or an Idiot’s Guide to edisc make it to this year Xmas book list? Perhaps an unlikely Xmas event.

What has been stated is that the review process is the most expansive aspect of edisc (i.e. expansive labor and time and voluminous document). So much so that predictive coding is now not only a tool used for the review process but also has become a topic of its own in the US courts. Is the review process also the most difficult of the edisc process? If you answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’, why do we need predictive coding?
Perhaps some answers (hopefully with relevant questions raised too) will appear in the new book Predictive Coding for Dummies book.

I wonder why there are no Dummies or Idiot’s Guide to the review process, instead one on predictive coding. I guess it is easier to write about a piece of tool/technique and not too easy to write on the review process or not profitable enough to do so.

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