action-packed April with no internet broadband

No blogging means no internet broadband access at home :-) .

In early April, my internet connection was ‘data-jacked’ by another ISP when they did an upgrade to their system using an ‘old’ or unpurged database/dataset.  ‘Old’ as I do not hold a current internet account with them and whatever data they hold about me should have been removed or marked obsolete or inactive.

It took two weeks for my ISP to discover who has my MAC and it took me more than two days to get back my MAC and another week for reconnection. It took several calls and a complaint letter to both ISPs to investigate this incident and was only told yesterday (1st May) about the cause of the incident.

A friend said ‘bad karma’! My astrologist report for April highlighted ‘nothing will run smoothly, take no action, take stock or clean your slate!’ If I did not take any action I will definitely not be blogging this as my internet will definitely be still in ‘data-jacked’ mode.

Oh! I also went mobile internet (3G) and wireless connectivity in an attempt to stay ‘connected’. Looking back, April was certainly ‘a no action month’ as rightly predicted by the astrologist, just my interpretation of ‘action’ to mean ‘must act’!

Maybe I will write up my April action-packed activities revolving around internet data-jacking, data-uploading, mobile and wireless security and my trips to the mobile shops and the local cafe for wifi :-)

So… no blogging, couple of twittering, e-mailed out a meeting report for the BCSWomen Group and wrote my motivation letter for my PhD application.

Better luck for rest of this year..I hope!

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